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I check all papers for APA format. You should have a copy of the latest edition of the APA Publication Manual (5th Edition). When I make a notation in your papers about errors in format, I will reference the page in the Publication Manual

I have created a Microsoft® Word 2000+ template to help you format an APA paper. You do not have to use it--its use is purely optional. It isn't as fancy as one of the templates for which you can pay $39.00, but it works and it is free. If you don't know how to use a Word template, refer to my Web section Microsoft Office for help (or contact me via e-mail).

Instructions for using the APA Template

  1. Word 2000, Word XP, or Word 2003 is required.
  2. The APA template contains Word macros, so you must have your macro security set to medium:
  3. Download the template from the link below and save it to your local computer (on the desktop or into your "My Documents.". Do NOT open the file online--choose SAVE instead of OPEN.

    (To download without opening it online, RIGHT CLICK on the link below and choose "Save Target As.....") NOTE: This template file is a template, not a Word document. When you save it, be sure to save it with a .DOT extension or rename the file so it ends with .DOT instead of .DOC.

    FREE APA Template for Microsoft Word 2000 or higher FREE

  4. Check to be sure you downloaded the template correctly. The icon representing the file you downloaded should look like this (notice the yellow bar along the top): If your icon does not have the yellow bar, rename the template so it ends with .DOT instead of .DOC.
  5. To start the APA template, double click on the file you downloaded. Do NOT open the file from within Word. Do NOT save the file in your Word Templates folder -- it should be on your desktop or in your "My Documents" folder.
  6. When Word asks what you want to do about macros, click Enable Macros If Word doesn't ask whether or not to enable macros, you didn't do step #2 above properly.

The APA Template helps with many of the formatting requirements, but it does not help with the specifics of formatting the references (it does set up the references page in hanging indents, but does not provide guidance about the formatting of each reference itself). Here is a little more help from the APA Citation Machine--this is an invaluable tool. Use it:


Here is an APA Reference Card you can print and use to polish your paper:

APA Reference Card (PDF, 60 KB)

If you are a student at University of Phoenix, be sure to use the WritePoint checking tool in the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE). This checking tool takes less than a minute to provide mechanical review and comments about the final draft of your paper. Access CWE from your rEsource page or in the SERVICES menu of your main student Web page.

Finally, here are a few links to excellent APA information:

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