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Welcome to My Website

Welcome to my website where you'll find a collection of tutorials, tips & techniques, recipes, mathematics lessons, and educational teaching/learning resources. The majority of my site is entirely FREE and without any registration requirements. You may browse anonymously as long as you like. Some areas of my website contain premium content for which you must obtain an account.

As you can see from the menu below, there are seven areas on my website: Mathematics, Teaching Online, Online Feedback, Organize Kitchen, Recipes, Tweak-a-Week, Contact Me, and User Login. Hover over each menu item to read a short description of the area. Click on a menu item to go to that area.

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This area of my website contains mini-movies, tutorials, handouts, and other resources to help you learn mathematics. Premium content in the mathematics sub-site consists of Praxis I & II study resources and learning resources for the University of Phoenix math classes that I teach. The mini-movies in the premium area are available for download to iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and to both Windows and Macintosh computers. Flashcards in the Praxis area can be imported into Anki.



Making Videos -- Using Camtasia®

Whether you teach in a flipped classroom or an online classroom, you will probably need to create a video or a screencast at some point. I have been teaching at University of Phoenix Online for 16 years, and before that I taught at the Electronic High School in Utah. Perhaps one of the most difficult subjects to teach online is mathematics, but all subjects could benefit from lectures or lessons on video. I recommend using Camtasia® from TechSmith company -- it is a powerful product to create videos and GIFS to illustrate your lessons.

Online Feedback -- Using PhraseExpress®

When you teach in an online classroom, your discussion with your students and their assignments are all electronic. I have been teaching at University of Phoenix Online for 16 years. In order to prepare (and save for reuse) lectures, post daily discussion posts, and provide extensive feedback when grading, I use PhraseExpress™. I can post a lecture, paragraph, or feedback with just the touch of a button or with a hotkey. If I prepare a lecture, paragraph, or feedback that I haven't written before, I merely press CTRL-ALT-C and it is saved so I can use it again another time.


Organize, Streamline, & De-Clutter Your Kitchen

I recently moved from a large home (2200 square feet on each of two floors) to a small, two bedroom home in Phoenix, Arizona. I went from a 400 square foot kitchen with a separate pantry of 100 square feet to a small kitchen of 144 square feet including the pantry. This size difference posed a major problem in finding places for all the kitchen pots, pans, appliances, and utensils. I did extensive research to find ways to organize my kitchen. There were many websites with a few tips but I couldn't find a book to help with the entire project -- so I wrote my own book. In my book, I explain over 250 ways to organize, streamline, and de-clutter your kitchen.


My Mother's Recipes

My mother, Delsa Owen Murray, was an exceptional cook. She loved to collect recipe books, attend cooking demonstrations, and create culinary delights. Mother’s mother immigrated to the United States from England and brought her family recipes with her. In addition, my father’s mother was a renowned cook who owned the Murray’s Chickadee Café in South Salt Lake, Utah – famous for chicken and meat pies, buttery rolls, and lemon meringue pie. My mother incorporated favorite recipes from both her mother’s and mother-in-law’s cookbooks, and she modified them to make them her own. I will share recipes with you from the book, Mother's Cookbook, available soon in Amazon's Kindle books.



I was overweight, pre-diabetic, and had high cholesterol. I have many diet books; I joined fitness centers; and I tried weight-loss groups or systems. Nothing seemed to work for very long -- I always gained the weight back. Then I discovered a system that works for me. I can make one small lifestyle change each week and slowly lose the weight I needed. I call this system Tweak-a-Week™ and I'll share it with you. It may work for you when other plans don't.

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