Data Analysis and Statistics

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  1. Creating a Bar Graph in Word  2 min 46 sec

  2. Creating a Pie Chart in Word  3 min 21 sec

  3. You-tube movies on median, mode, and mean:

  4. Mean, median, mode, and range -- excellent lesson from Nutshell Math

  5. Five-number summary -- lesson from Annenberg Org:

  6. Quartiles:

  7. Box and Whiskers Plot:


  8. Jolene's Mini-movies:

  • Median 2 min 19 sec

  • Mode 2 min 22 sec

  • Mean 1 min 29 sec   

  • Reading a table/chart 3 min 37 sec

  • Comparing data on a table/chart 4 min 45 sec 
    There is a mistake in my calculations on this Mini-movie for Sec. 8.2 #4. I input the number 255560 into the calculator, instead of the 25560, which gives a completely different answer. The concept is taught properly, the answer is wrong. Thanks to MO'N for finding this error.

  • Percent increase of data 2 min 5 sec

  • Mean & percent increase of data 4 min 28 sec 

  • Reading a line graph 47 seconds

  • Mean   1 min 1 sec

  • Predict data on a line graph 2 min 33 sec

  • Draw a bar graph 2 min 46 sec

  • Interpreting pie chart data 1 min 54 sec

  • Draw a pie chart 3 min 21 sec 

  • Quartiles, Q1, Q2 7 min 14 sec

  • Max & Min 49 seconds

  • Five-number summary 2 min 25 sec

  • Range of a data set 30 seconds

 What are the Mini-movies?

What are the mini-movies? The mini-movies are marked with a icon. They are are flash video files that contain a teaching presentation with an audio track. These were recorded in my office (not lecture) so they are short, but very dense (crammed full of information). Movie controls are available so you can replay, pause, and skip sections.


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