The Real Number System

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  1. Number Line Tutorials

  2. Introduction to Integers (positive and negative numbers)

  3. Calculating with Integers

Jolene's Mini-movies

  • Order real numbers (positive & negative fractions) 6 min 54 sec

  • Adding absolute values 2 min 10 sec

  • Subtracting absolute values 2 min 4 sec

  • Add real numbers 1 min 12 sec

  • Add real numbers that are fractional 2 min 26 sec

  • Evaluate absolute value expressions 1 min 3 sec

  • Understanding absolute value expressions 2 min 21 sec

  • Applications of real numbers 1 min 23 sec

  • Subtract real numbers 2 min 27 sec

  • Subtract real numbers that are decimal/fractional 3 min 23 sec

  • Finding the range of real numbers 1 min 30 sec

  • Multiply real numbers 2 min 37 sec

  • Multiply real numbers 4 min 2 sec

  • Multiply real numbers 1 min 16 sec

  • Multiply real numbers 2 min 53 sec

  • Divide real numbers 1 min 43 sec

  • Divide real numbers 2 min 45 sec

  • Divide real numbers 3 min 16 sec

 What are the Mini-movies?

What are the mini-movies? The mini-movies are marked with a icon. They are are flash video files that contain a teaching presentation with an audio track. These were recorded in my office (not lecture) so they are short, but very dense (crammed full of information). Movie controls are available so you can replay, pause, and skip sections.

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