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Note that a graphing calculator is
NOT required but is especially helpful
in this class. I will be using a
TI-84 C (color) in my mini-movies.
Click the heading to the left titled
for alternatives to purchasing a TI-84.

Math 220 - College Algebra

(With 34 mini-lectures, 10 handouts & cheat sheets, and over 150 mini-movies)
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This course presents traditional concepts in college algebra. Topics include linear, polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, sequences, and series.

Textbook: College Algebra, 6e
ISBN: 9780321782281
Author: Robert Blitzer
Copyright © Pearson Education, Inc. (2014)

Resources on this website will help students in Math 220 of University of Phoenix. I created this website for my students but all Math 220 students should benefit from the resources. The 34 mini-lectures cover all concepts covered in the course. The 10 handouts provide summary information from the textbook reading assignments (Quick Reference Sheets) and Teaching Tips (things I would tell you if you were taking my class in person). The 150+ mini-movies demonstrate step-by-step solutions to similar problems for every problem on the Study Plan, every problem on the weekly Checkpoints, and every problem on the final exam. The mini-movies are short videos made especially for visual learners, which includes 60% to 80% of us, and for online students who need extra help learning algebra.

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  What Are the Mini-movies?  

What are the mini-movies? The mini-movies are marked with a Jolene's SHOW ME icon icon. They are MP4 video files that contain a teaching presentation with an audio track. These were recorded in my office (not in a live lecture) so they are short, but very dense with compact information. Movie controls are available so you can replay, pause, and skip sections.

At times, a mini-movie may stop abruptly in the middle of play or it might not load at all. The website bandwidth that I pay for only allows 3-4 movies downloaded at a time. So if your mini-movie stops in the middle or won't download properly, refresh/reload your browser window and it should work.

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