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Math 220 Wk 5 - Counting & Probability













  1. Use factorial notation (8.1.25) 33 sec   Transcript
  2. Use the permutations formula (8.6.3) 2 min 32 sec   Transcript
  3. Use the combinations formula (8.6.11) 17 sec   Transcript
  4. Distinguish between permutations and combinations (8.6.19) 43 sec   Transcript
  5. Solve applications (8.6.35) 27 sec   Transcript
  6. Compute empirical probability (8.7.5) 59 sec   Transcript
  7. Compute theoretical probability (8.7.25) 59 sec   Transcript
  8. Find probability that an event will NOT occur (8.7.37) 1 min 1 sec   Transcript
  9. Find probability of one event OR a second event occurring (8.7.45) 1 min 13 sec   Transcript
  10. Find probability of one event AND a second event occurring (8.7.49) 1 min 1 sec   Transcript

    The following problems were missed by more than 60% of the class. As such, they are repeated on the Week 5 Checkpoint.

  12. Week 1: P.3.99 Simplify expressions using rational exponents
  13. Week 1: 1.6.29 Solve radical equations
  14. Week 2: 4.1.53 Use compound interest formulas
  15. Week 2: 4.3.61 Condense logarithmic expressions
  16. Week 3: 6.1.57 Use matrices and Gaussian elimination to solve systems
  17. Week 3: 6.3.11 Perform matrix operations (add, subtract, scalar multiplication)
  18. Week 3: 6.3.29 Perform matrix operations (multiplication of two matrices)
  19. Week 4: 8.1.9 Find term of a sequence from the general term
  20. Week 4: 8.1.61 Use Summation Notation
  21. Week 4: 8.2.29 Use the formula for the general term of an arithmetic Sequence






I am in the process of adding closed captions to all my mini-movies, but since I have several thousand mini-movies on my site, this will take quite some time. All pdf documents are available in their original Word format for those who need to read the math equations with a screen reader. As I learn how to make my site more accessible, I will add these features. If you are a member of my site and need accessibility, please contact me via e-mail at and we'll work out something until my site is fully accessible.

As I create new mini-movies, I have been including the closed captions and transcripts. But each day I go back and add closed captions and transcripts to at least one mini-movie. To understand the scope of this problem, I have over 5,000 mini-movies on my website. If I do only one mini-movie per day, this conversion will take over 13.5 years!! As such, I am working on highest priority mini-movies first, and I am looking for alternate ways to add captions and transcripts to existing mini-movies.

Closed captions are word-for-word translations of the mini-movie, while transcripts are "descriptive" transcripts to reflect not only the voice but the visual component of the video. Coming soon: A web page with non-graphical links to all descriptive transcripts for each course.





  What Are the Mini-movies?  

What are the mini-movies? The mini-movies are marked with a Jolene's SHOW ME icon icon. They are MP4 video files that contain a teaching presentation with an audio track. These were recorded in my office (not in a live lecture) so they are short, but very dense with compact information. Movie controls are available so you can replay, pause, and skip sections.

At times, a mini-movie may stop abruptly in the middle of play or it might not load at all. The website bandwidth that I pay for only allows 3-4 movies downloaded at a time. So if your mini-movie stops in the middle or won't download properly, refresh/reload your browser window and it should work.

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