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Flashcard Mini-movies

These mini-movies discuss the basic concepts that are covered on the 400 Praxis flashcards. These flashcard concepts are on the knowledge level of Bloom's Taxonomy. Be sure to download the handouts* (or the full concept study packets) before watching the mini-movies so you can take notes. Also, be sure to download and watch the slide show explaining how the Praxis I & II exams are related to Bloom's Taxonomy.


 Number Theory

Our Number System Handout (PDF, 180 KB) 3 min 25 sec
Place Value & Expanded Notation Handout (PDF, 143 KB) 7 min 50 sec
Basic Whole Number Operations Handout (PDF, 146 KB) 8 min 17 sec
Ordering, Estimation, & Rounding Handout (PDF, 151 KB) 4 min 39 sec
Other Number Classifications Handout (PDF, 155 KB) 7 min 34 sec
Factors, Multiples, & Divisibility Rules Handout (PDF, 97 KB) 8 min 41 sec
Properties of our Number System Handout (PDF, 143 KB) 7 min 58 sec



Fraction Basics Handout (PDF, 170 KB) 7 min 25 sec
Calculating with Fractions Handout (PDF, 119 KB) 5 min 59 sec



Decimal Basics Handout (PDF, 145 KB) 6 min 59 sec


 Ratios, Proportions, & Percentages

Ratios Handout (PDF, 62 KB) 1 min 28 sec
Proportions Handout (PDF, 114 KB) 1 min 55 sec
Percentages Handout (PDF, 143 KB) 3 min 38 sec
Applications & Formulas Handout (PDF, 163 KB) 4 min 20 sec


 Geometry & Measurement

Plane Geometry Handout (PDF, 299 KB) 12 min 1 sec
Polygons Handout (PDF, 155 KB) 6 min 10 sec
Triangles & Pythagorean Theorem Handout (PDF, 169 KB) 5 min 51 sec
Solids Handout (PDF, 150 KB) 4 min 34 sec
Measurement Handout (PDF, 253 KB) 8 min 20 sec
Tessellations & Transformations Handout (PDF, 92 KB) 3 min 29 sec



Integer Basics Handout (PDF, 172 KB) 2 min 59 sec
Calculating with Integers Handout (PDF, 63 KB) 2 min 37 sec


 Data, Statistics, & Probability

Statistics Handout (PDF, 108 KB) 7 min 10 sec
Probability, Combinations, & Permutations Handout (PDF, 172 KB) 10 min 29 sec
Series & Sequences Handout (PDF, 117 KB) 3 min 39 sec
Charts & Graphs Handout (PDF, 182 KB) 7 min 15 sec


 Algebraic Thinking

Algebraic Thinking Handout (PDF, 160 KB) 10 min 23 sec
Solving Algebraic Word Problems Handout (PDF, 197 KB) 11 min 6 sec
Functions & Quadratics Handout (PDF, 159 KB) 7 min 37 sec
Graphing Handout (PDF, 151 KB) 4 min 46 sec

Resources marked with a icon do not require a username or password.

* The handouts are necessary ONLY if you don't have a copy of the full Study Packet for that topic. The full Study Packet is a better resource to use when watching the flashcard mini-movies, but the Study Packets require a password. The handouts summarize the first section of each Study Packet, and the handouts are available without a password.

  What Are the Mini-movies?  

What are the mini-movies? The mini-movies are marked with a Jolene's SHOW ME icon icon. They are MP4 video files that contain a teaching presentation with an audio track. These were recorded in my office (not in a live lecture) so they are short, but very dense with compact information. Movie controls are available so you can replay, pause, and skip sections.

At times, a mini-movie may stop abruptly in the middle of play or it might not load at all. The website bandwidth that I pay for only allows 3-4 movies downloaded at a time. So if your mini-movie stops in the middle or won't download properly, refresh/reload your browser window and it should work.

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