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Quiz Mini-movies

These mini-movies discuss the basic concepts that are covered in the computation quizzes of my eight study packets. These quizzes are on the comprehension level of Bloom's Taxonomy. Be sure to download and watch the slide show explaining how the Praxis I & II exams are related to Bloom's Taxonomy.


 Number Theory



 Ratios, Proportions, & Percentages

 Geometry & Measurement


 Data, Statistics, & Probability

 Algebraic Thinking

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  What Are the Mini-movies?  

What are the mini-movies? The mini-movies are marked with a Jolene's SHOW ME icon icon. They are MP4 video files that contain a teaching presentation with an audio track. These were recorded in my office (not in a live lecture) so they are short, but very dense with compact information. Movie controls are available so you can replay, pause, and skip sections.

At times, a mini-movie may stop abruptly in the middle of play or it might not load at all. The website bandwidth that I pay for only allows 3-4 movies downloaded at a time. So if your mini-movie stops in the middle or won't download properly, refresh/reload your browser window and it should work.

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